John Keeping <> writes:

>> Also it probably is worth adding contact information for folks who
>> work on CGit ( might be sufficient),
> The current CGit homepage is

As the address is what I got as the first hit by asking
[CGit] to websearch, it makes it clearer that we do need such
contact information there.

> I think CGit expects to have to respond to changes in Git, so I don't
> think it's worth restricting changes in Git for that reason - it's just
> a case of exposing useful functionality somehow.

I think you misread me.

It is not about restricting. It is to use their expertise to come up
with generally more useful API than responding only to the immediate
need we see in in-tree users. We want a discussion/patch to update
the graph.c infrastructure to be Cc'ed to them.

For example, with the current codeflow, the callers of these
functions we have in-tree may be limited to those in graph.c but if
there are legitimate reason CGit wants to call them from sideways,
perhaps there may be use cases in our codebase in the future to call
them from outside the normal graph.c codeflow.
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