Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> As promised in 0fa2eb530fb7 (add: warn when -u or -A is used without
>> pathspec, 2013-01-28), "git add -u/-A" that is run without pathspec
>> in a subdirectory will stop working sometime before Git 2.0, to wean
>> users off of the old default, in preparation for adopting the new
>> default in Git 2.0.
> I originally thought this step was necessary, but I changed my mind. The
> warning is big enough and doesn't need to be turned into an error.

I tend to agree.

The plan requires the warning to be big enough and warning period to
be long enough so that by the time Git 2.0 is released, no existing
users will run "git add -u/-A" without pathspec expecting it to
limit the operation to the current directory, so an extra step to
error out such a command invocation is simply redundant.  If it is
not redundant, that would only mean that the warning period was not
long enough.  The only effect the extra "error it out" step would
have is to hurt the people who jump on Git bandwagon after such
release ships, as they do not have any reason to retrain their
fingers---they instead can just get used to the new behaviour right

So let's squash these two steps into one and keep that in 'next'
until 2.0 ships.

Thanks for an injection of sanity.

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