Jeff King <> writes:

> PS I wonder how others are finding the warning? I'm finding it slightly
>    annoying. Perhaps I just haven't retrained my fingers yet. But one
>    problem with that retraining is that I type "git add -u" from the
>    root _most_ of the time, and it just works. But occasionally, I get
>    the "hey, do not do that" warning, because I'm in a subdir, even
>    though I would be happy to have the full-tree behavior.

Same here. Not terribly disturbing, but I did get the warning
occasionally, even though I'm the author of the patch introducing
it ;-).

> I guess we already rejected the idea of being able to shut off the
> warning and just get the new behavior, in favor of having people
> specify it manually each time?

Somehow, but we may find a way to do so, as long as it temporary (i.e.
something that will have no effect after the transition period), and
that is is crystal clear that it's temporary.

All proposals up to now were rejected because of the risk of confusing
users (either shutting the warning blindly, or letting people think they
could keep the current behavior after Git 2.0).

Matthieu Moy
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