Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> glibc's C strncmp version does 4-byte comparison at a time when n >=4,
> then fall back to 1-byte for the rest. I don't know if it's faster
> than a plain always 1-byte comparison though. There's also the hand
> written assembly version that compares n from 1..16, not exactly sure
> how this version works yet.

It sounds to me more like "a very popular implementation of
strcmp/strncmp pair found to have more optimized strncmp than
strcmp".  While that may be a good reason to justify this patch,
I do not think it justifies this:

>> strncmp is provided length information which could be taken advantage
>> by the underlying implementation.

After all, strcmp() could also be optimized to fetch word-at-a-time
while being careful about not overstepping the page boundary.

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