When a rename conflict occurs, the information about the conflict is
written to stdout and the index is updated as if the conflict were a
simpler conflict that did not involve renames.  This doesn't give a lot of
information to users after the fact - a status of "added in ours" does not
provide a lot of details about what occurred.

In reimplementations, we face a similar challenge.  Unfortunately, we can't
simply print the output to the console, we would like to provide this
information back to the caller by some mechanism.  My preference would be to
return this information in the index - so that the results of "unpack trees"
(if you will) was a single data structure (the index) and so that we could
persist this information to disk.  I've been considering the idea of an
extension that contains more detailed data about conflicts, but I certainly
wouldn't want to proceed without discussing this here further.

I would propose that we store the data about the file in conflict as it
occurred through the renames.  For example, in a rename 1->2 conflict where
A was renamed to both B and C, you would have a single conflict entry
containing the data for A, B and C.  This would allow us to provide more
detailed information to the user - and allow them to (say) choose a single
name to proceed with.

Is this something that has value to core git as well?  Alternately, is
there something particularly stupid about this proposal?

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