Junio C Hamano [mailto:gits...@pobox.com] wrote:
> I do not offhand see anything particularly stupid; a new optional index 
> extension
> section CACHE_EXT_RENAME_CONFLICT might be a good addition.
> Is "one side moves A to B while the other side moves it to C" the only case, 
> or is
> it just an example?  Off the top of my head, "one side moves A to x while the
> other side moves B to x/y" would also be something we would want to know.  I
> am sure there are other cases that need to be considered.

Yes, that was just an example.  Certainly I was intending that all conflicts
that arose from renames would end up here since one can't really reason
why the merge tool created a conflict by looking at the index alone - even
knowing the merge tool's similarity algorithms, this would be awfully
expensive to piece back together, even if the index did contain non-zero
stage entries for all the items that were involved in the conflicts.

That said, my rather naive initial thought was that we could repeat *all*
conflicts in this area.  This would give tools that knew how to understand
this the ability to go to a single place for conflict data, rather than
producing some merge of high-stage entries that comprise non-rename
conflicts and data from the rename conflict area for rename conflicts.

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