Kevin Bracey <> writes:

> I disagree here. At the minute, it does set ret to 1 (but further down
> the code - bringing it up here next to the "ERROR" print clarifies
> that), and will report the merge as failed, conflict in the 3-way
> merge or not. Which I think is correct.

OK.  I agree that forcing users to always inspect the result of
"both side added" resolution sounds like a good safety measure.

> Maybe the virtual base itself should be different. Maybe it should put
> a ??????? marker in place of every unique line. So you get:
> Left   ABCEFGH
> Right XABCDEFJH  -> Merge result <|X>ABC<|D>EF<G|J>H
> VBase ?ABC?EF??H
> That actually feels like it may be the correct answer here.

Interesting, though the approach has downsides with the diff3
conflict style, no?
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