Kevin Bracey <> writes:

> Minor change from v3: that version moved initialisation of src1 higher up,
> detaching it from its associated comment. This move was only required by
> earlier versions, so v4 leaves src1 in its original position.

The "funny filename" comment was from b539c5e8fbd3 (git-merge-one:
new merge world order., 2005-12-07) where the removed code just
before that new comment ended with:

        merge "$4" "$orig" "$src2"

(yes, we used to use "merge" program from the RCS suite).  The
comment refers to one of the bad side effect the old code used to
have and warns against such a practice, i.e. it was talking about
the code that no longer existed.

I think the two-line comment should simply go.

Given that, I _think_ it is OK to move the initialization of src1
next to that of src2; that may make the result easier to read.

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