Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> How will adding remote.pushdefault have any
> impact, unless I explicitly remove this branch-specific remote
> configuration?  Besides, without branch.<name>.remote configured, I
> can't even pull and expect changes to be merged.

If the triangle topology is the norm for your project, I would
expect that it would be pretty common to have all of your branches
pull from one place and have all of them push to another place.  In
the central repository workflow, it is very common that all of your
branches pull from one place and all of them push to the same place.

In the bigger picture, forcing to set the branch specific remote is
a mistake in the first place; in the longer term, you should be able
to say "My project uses the central repository workflow" once and
you should be able to pull without branch.master.remote; just record
where the default "origin" for all branches is.

I think the per-branch branch.*.pushremote is actively making things
worse by repeating the same mistake for the triangle topology.  You
should be able to say "My project uses the triangle workflow" once
and specify two remotes, where you pull from and where you push to,

A per-branch override, be it branch.*.remote or brnach.*.pushremote,
is useful to give an escape hatch in order to handle special cases
with additional flexibility.  But making it the sole mechanism and
forcing the user to repeat the same "which remote does it use" all
over the place does not sound like a solid engineering.
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