Le mercredi 20 mars 2013 à 19:04 +0100, Yann Droneaud a écrit :
> > > 2) git merge <tag> VS git merge <object-id>
> > >
> > > If <tag> is an object (not a lightweight/reference tag), git merge <tag>
> > > ...
> > > But, if you use the tag object-id instead of its name, for example using
> > > git merge `git parse-rev <tag>`,
> [EDIT]
> > > signature is not checked. Git still create a merge commit, but doesn't
> > > prepare a commit message with the tag message and the signature:
> > >
> > > It would be great to have Git using the tag message and check the
> > > signature.
> > 
> > Perhaps, but if you feed the $(git rev-parse v1.12.2) to merge, your
> > subject will not be able to say "Merge tag 'v1.12.2'" in the first
> > place, so I do not think you would want to encourage such usage in
> > the first place.
> I think if someone want to merge the tag object-id instead of the tag,
> the commit subject/message should probably not make a reference to the
> tag.
> The only use case for such tag merging by commit-id would be to get
> consistent behavior in case of tag deletion. The named tag could be
> recreated to point to another point in time. So when looking at the
> merge commit message and searching for the tag (by name) could be
> misleading.

But but do not take those remarks as a feature request.
I was just asking for clarification/comment on the behavior difference
between merging tag/tag object-id.


Yann Droneaud

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