Yann Droneaud <y...@droneaud.fr> writes:

> But but do not take those remarks as a feature request.
> I was just asking for clarification/comment on the behavior difference
> between merging tag/tag object-id.

If you are asking why things are as they are, the answer is simply
because "git merge $(git rev-parse v1.2.3)" was not even considered
while adding the support to pull signed tags.

We did find the use case for "git merge v1.2.3" interesting and
important enough to give it a proper support with defined semantics.
"git merge $(git rev-parse v1.2.3)" may behave differently but it
was not because we found the use case for it important and designed
a behaviour that is different from merging the tag by name that
suits that use case.

It is just we didn't even think giving the bare object name to name
an annotated or signed tag on the command line is interesting, and
the command does whatever the implementation happens to do to such
an input.

I think I sent out a "how about this" patch.  Have you tried it?
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