Johannes Sixt <j6t <at>> writes:

> > I also wonder if 
> > 
> >     label :
> > 
> > should also be caught, or is it too weird format to be worth
> > supporting?
> It's easy to support, by inserting another [ \t] before the first colon.
> So, why not?

 This is really nitpicking, but if we do it, then it should be "[ \t]*". And the
"*" after the label should actually be a "+". So the full line becomes

  "!^[ \t]*[A-Za-z_][A-Za-z_0-9]+[ \t]*:([^:]|$)\n"

 But then I've never actually seen git putting labels incorrectly into the hunk
headers while I did see the problem this patch tries to fix, with wrong method
appearing in the header because the correct one was skipped due to this ignore
regex, quite a few times in the past.


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