I find this behavior very inconsistent and annoying.  Why would I want
to commit the submodule change immediately?  Maybe I want to batch it
up with other changes and stage it at a later time.  Why should I have
to unstage them manually now?  I get the other side of the argument:
what if the user commits the .gitmodule change at a different time
from the file change?  In other words, the user should have a way of
saying 'submodule stage' and 'submodule unstage'.

Now, for the implementation.  Do we have existing infrastructure to
stage a hunk non-interactively?  (The ability to select a hunk to
stage/ unstage programmatically).  If not, it might be quite a
non-trivial thing to write.

Git 2.0 is coming soon, so I'm excited about breaking a lot of
backward compatibility ;)


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