Today I've discovered that on the build server my home directory was empty.
A post-mortem analysis showed that the git-clean command I've added to my 
kernel build script
is the evil doer.
In my scripts I'm setting GIT_DIR to use git-fetch and git-reset without 
changing the
current working directory all the time.
But calling git-clean with GIT_DIR acts basically like a "rm -Rf .".

Here a small demo:

test@linux:~> git --version
git version
test@linux:~> ls
test@linux:~> touch a b c d e
test@linux:~> mkdir x
test@linux:~> cd x
test@linux:~/x> git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/test/x/.git/
test@linux:~/x> cd ..
test@linux:~> ls
a  b  c  d  e  x
test@linux:~> export GIT_DIR=/home/test/x/.git/
test@linux:~> git clean -d -f
Removing a
Removing b
Removing c
Removing d
Removing e
Removing x/
test@linux:~> ls
test@linux:~> # :-(

Is this behavior intended?

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