Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> writes:

>> In git versions including the patch 2cd83d10bb6b (setup: suppress
>> implicit "." work-tree for bare repos, 2013-03-08, currently in "next"
>> but not "master"), you can set GIT_IMPLICIT_WORK_TREE=0 to avoid this
>> behavior.
> WAT?

Is that false?

If I understand the history correctly, the ability to set the GIT_DIR
envvar was meant to allow a person to keep their .git directory outside
the worktree.  So you can do:

        git init my-favorite-repo
        cd my-favorite-repo
        ...work as usual...

        # cleaning time!
        mv .git ~/my-favorite-repo-metadata.git
        GIT_DIR=$HOME/my-favorite-repo-metadata.git; export GIT_DIR
        ... work as usual...

If you want to set GIT_DIR and treat it as a bare repository, the
sane way to do that is simply

        cd ~/my-favorite-bare-repository.git
        ... use git as usual ...

But if something (for example relative paths used by your script)
ties your cwd somewhere else, you might really want to do

        GIT_DIR=~/my-favorite-bare-repository.git; export GIT_DIR
        ... work as usual ...

and as a side effect of Jeff's patch there is now a mechanism to do

        GIT_DIR=~/my-favorite-bare-repository.git; export GIT_DIR
        ... work as usual ...

This is of course unsafe because it ties your usage to a specific
version of git.  And the variable is not advertised in the
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