On 26 March 2013 18:06, Richard Weinberger <rich...@nod.at> wrote:
> P.s: I've told this story to some friends and co-workers which use git like
> me very day.
> All of them were shocked about the behavior of git-clean and GIT_DIR.

Seconded. At $work lots of people started asking anxious questions
about this. It was suggested it is a potential security hole, although
I am not sure I agree, but the general idea being that if you could
manage to set this var in someones environment then they might use git
to do real damage to a system. (The counterargument being that if you
can set that in someones environment you can do worse already... But
im a not a security type so I cant say)

As a knee-jerk response we will be armoring various scripts we have
that use git automatically to refuse to run if GIT_DIR is set. I
suspect a lot of people will be doing the same.


perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"
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