Jeff King wrote:

> --- a/setup.c
> +++ b/setup.c
> @@ -437,6 +437,23 @@ const char *read_gitfile(const char *path)
>       return path;
>  }
> +static const char warn_implicit_work_tree_msg[] =
> +N_("You have set GIT_DIR (or used --git-dir) without specifying\n"
> +   "a working tree. In Git 2.0, the behavior will change

Please no.  I don't want git 2.0 to be delayed forever.

If we want this warning, would something like the following do?

        warning: You have set GIT_DIR without setting GIT_WORK_TREE
        hint: In this case, GIT_WORK_TREE defaults to '.'
        hint: To suppress this message, set GIT_WORK_TREE='.'

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