Jeff King <> writes:

> The slowdown is really quite terrible if you try "git clone --bare
> linux-2.6.git". Even with this, the local-clone case already misses blob
> corruption. So it probably makes sense to restrict it to just the
> non-local clone case, which already has to do more work.

Probably.  We may want to enable fsck even for local clones in the
longer term and also have this check.  Those who know their filesystem
is trustworthy can do the filesystem-level copy with "cp -R" themselves
after all.

> Even still, it adds a non-trivial amount of work (linux-2.6 takes
> something like a minute to check). I don't like the idea of declaring
> "git clone" non-safe unless you turn on transfer.fsckObjects, though. It
> should have the same safety as "git fetch".

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