On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 03:32:59PM -0700, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> > +static const char junk_leave_repo_msg[] =
> > +N_("The remote repository was cloned successfully, but there was\n"
> > +   "an error checking out the HEAD branch. The repository has been left 
> > in\n"
> > +   "place but the working tree may be in an inconsistent state. You can\n"
> > +   "can inspect the contents with:\n"
> > +   "\n"
> > +   "    git status\n"
> > +   "\n"
> > +   "and retry the checkout with\n"
> > +   "\n"
> > +   "    git checkout -f HEAD\n"
> > +   "\n");
> Can this be made more precise?  I don't know what it means for the
> working tree to be in an inconsistent state: do you mean that some files
> might be partially checked out or not have been checked out at all yet?

It means that we died during the checkout procedure, and we don't have
any idea what was left. Maybe something, maybe nothing. Maybe an index,
maybe not.

>       error: Clone succeeded, but checkout failed.
>       hint: You can inspect what was checked out with "git status".
>       hint: To retry the checkout, run "git checkout -f HEAD".

That is certainly more succint, if not more precise. I'd be fine with

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