On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 03:40:00PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> [Cooking]
> [...]
> * jk/index-pack-correct-depth-fix (2013-03-20) 1 commit
>  - index-pack: always zero-initialize object_entry list
>  "index-pack --fix-thin" used uninitialize value to compute delta
>  depths of objects it appends to the resulting pack.

Any reason this is still in pu? I'd have expected it to be fairly
uncontroversial and slated for maint.

> * jk/pkt-line-cleanup (2013-03-21) 20 commits
>  - do not use GIT_TRACE_PACKET=3 in tests
>  - remote-curl: always parse incoming refs
>  - remote-curl: move ref-parsing code up in file
>  - remote-curl: pass buffer straight to get_remote_heads
>  - teach get_remote_heads to read from a memory buffer
>  - pkt-line: share buffer/descriptor reading implementation
>  - pkt-line: provide a LARGE_PACKET_MAX static buffer
>  - pkt-line: move LARGE_PACKET_MAX definition from sideband
>  - pkt-line: teach packet_read_line to chomp newlines
>  - pkt-line: provide a generic reading function with options
>  - pkt-line: drop safe_write function
>  - pkt-line: move a misplaced comment
>  - write_or_die: raise SIGPIPE when we get EPIPE
>  - upload-archive: use argv_array to store client arguments
>  - upload-archive: do not copy repo name
>  - send-pack: prefer prefixcmp over memcmp in receive_status
>  - fetch-pack: fix out-of-bounds buffer offset in get_ack
>  - upload-pack: remove packet debugging harness
>  - upload-pack: do not add duplicate objects to shallow list
>  - upload-pack: use get_sha1_hex to parse "shallow" lines
>  Cleans up pkt-line API, implementation and its callers to make them
>  more robust.  Even though I think this change is correct, please
>  report immediately if you find any unintended side effect.
>  Will merge to 'master' in the 3rd batch (Risky).

I was kind of surprised to see this still in pu, too. I thought it was
supposed to cook in next for a while to shake out any interoperability
bugs (and it was in next previously). Did it get ejected after the
release and then never put back?


PS I notice John Keeping has become quite active these days, and has
   stolen my initials. It makes searching for my topics in "What's
   Cooking" much harder (I read it linearly, but I take special notice
   of the "jk" topics).
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