Jeff King <> writes:

> I was kind of surprised to see this still in pu, too. I thought it was
> supposed to cook in next for a while to shake out any interoperability
> bugs (and it was in next previously). Did it get ejected after the
> release and then never put back?

Yes, I've been trying to concentrate on flushing safer and older
ones first to 'master', and I _think_ I am more or less finished
with that as of last night.  Many will come back to 'next' in
today's integration run.

> -Peff
> PS I notice John Keeping has become quite active these days, and has
>    stolen my initials. It makes searching for my topics in "What's
>    Cooking" much harder (I read it linearly, but I take special notice
>    of the "jk" topics).
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