Stephen Smith <> writes:

> I built v1.8.2 last evening and found that the subtree command
> isn't supported.  What version of git are you using? And where did
> you get it?

We have been carrying a copy of it in contrib/ but I have to say
that it is in a sorry state.

After the original author stopped working on it, a new maintainer of
the subtree project picked it up.  Some vocal users wanted to have
it as a part of the git-core tarball, with a promise that it will be
supported and maintained, and that is how we ended up carrying a
copy of it in contrib/.  We see some discussions and patches sent to
the list from time to time, but I haven't been getting anything
definitive from the new subtree maintainer for whatever reason (if I
understand correctly, it is not his primary job; perhaps he is busy
with other things) and the part of that contrib/ tree hasn't seen
much activities.  Also I occasionally see end-user questions here
but I have a feeling that many go unanswered by area experts.

I am starting to regret that I caved in and started carrying a copy
of it in contrib/.  It probably is a good idea to drop it from my
tree and let it mature and eventually flourish outside.

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