Jeremy Rosen <> writes:

>> I am starting to regret that I caved in and started carrying a
>> copy of it in contrib/.  It probably is a good idea to drop it
>> from my tree and let it mature and eventually flourish outside.
> that's a shame... it solves a real problem, is simple to use, and
> really powerfull.

I've never said the program does not solve a real problem, it is
hard to use, nor it is useless.  It just is not well maintained.

I knew (and I said), from the very beginning when people started
making noises about adding it to my tree, that I will not be a good
maintainer for it. I am not its user, I do not know what its users
expect out of the program, and I cannot read from its history what
the developers were thinking when they designed its features and
implemented its internals.

I started carrying it in contrib/ only to give it wider exposure,
but under the condition that somebody else would be the real
maintainer for it.

I'd say we should wait for at least a few days to see what David
says. Perhaps he is too busy with other things. Perhaps he needs
co-maintainers who are also interested in the program to help him.

Leaving it in my tree without real maintenance is not an ideal
state.  I do not know why you think it is a shame.  I honestly think
it will do better outside my tree.
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