Jeff King <> writes:

> One problem is that the content body sent along with the error is not
> necessarily appropriate for showing to the user (e.g., if it is HTML, it
> is probably not a good idea to show it on the terminal). So I think we
> would want to only show it when the server has indicated via the
> content-type that the message is meant to be shown to the user. I'm
> thinking the server would generate something like:
>    HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
>    Content-type: application/x-git-error-message
>    User 'me' does not have enough permission to access the repository.
> which would produce the example you showed above.

Actually, isn't the human-readable part of the server response meant
for this kind of thing?  I.e.

        HTTP/1.1 403 User 'me' not allowed to accept the repository.

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