> Maybe. But I would worry somewhat about sites which provide a useless
> and verbose text/plain message. Ideally an x-git-error-message would be
> no more than few lines, suitable for the error message of a terminal
> program. I would not want a site-branded "Your page cannot be found.
> Here's a complete navigation bar" page to be spewed to the terminal.
> Those tend to be text/html, though, so we may be safe. It's just that
> we're gambling on what random servers do, and if we show useless spew
> even some of the time, that would be a regression.
> -Peff

I completely agree with you.

And should git client need to add x-git-error-message in Accept header
and/or perhaps language preference in Accept-Language header?

    Accept: x-git-error-message, */*;q=0.8
    Accept-Language: ko,en;q=0.8
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