Sebastian Götte <> writes:

> When --verify-signatures is specified, abort the merge in case a good
> GPG signature from an untrusted key is encountered.
> +test_expect_success GPG 'merge  commit with untrusted signature with 
> verification' '
Nit: you have a pointless(?) double space here-´

> +     test_must_fail git merge --ff-only --verify-signatures side-untrusted 
> 2>mergeerror &&
> +     test_i18ngrep "from an untrusted key" mergeerror
> +'

This test gives me the following:

==26527== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==26527==    at 0x4C2D8BC: strchrnul (mc_replace_strmem.c:1084)
==26527==    by 0x4989CC: parse_signature_lines (commit.c:1074)
==26527==    by 0x498B33: check_commit_signature (commit.c:1100)
==26527==    by 0x453719: cmd_merge (merge.c:1246)
==26527==    by 0x4057B6: run_builtin (git.c:282)
==26527==    by 0x405949: handle_internal_command (git.c:444)
==26527==    by 0x405A63: run_argv (git.c:490)
==26527==    by 0x405BF2: main (git.c:565)

though I currently cannot see what's wrong, probably because I don't
know the format that parse_signature_lines gives.  Can you look into it?

Thomas Rast
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