"Sebastian Götte" <ja...@physik.tu-berlin.de> wrote:

>expecting success: 
>test_must_fail git merge --ff-only --verify-signatures side-untrusted
>2>mergeerror &&
>        test_i18ngrep "has a good, untrusted GPG signature" mergeerror
>==1430== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
>==1430==    at 0x4C26B5C: strchrnul (mc_replace_strmem.c:711)
>==1430==    by 0x47B90B: check_commit_signature (commit.c:1057)
>==1430==    by 0x444212: cmd_merge (merge.c:1245)
>==1430==    by 0x4050E6: handle_internal_command (git.c:281)
>==1430==    by 0x40530C: main (git.c:489)
>Though I also can't see the problem. strchrnul gets passed a char* that
>is just fine.

Usually that means that the string *contents* are uninitialized, usually 
because you scanned past the end of the string...
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