Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Jens Lehmann wrote:

>> A
>> commit is the thing to record here because it *is* the perfect fit
> Might be, but saying that doesn't help one bit.  I want to know why.
> To summarize, everyone seems to be elated with the current state of
> submodules and is vehemently defending it.  I'm a little unhappy, but
> am unable to express my discontent in better prose.  Let's just go
> back to writing patches, and come back to this if and when I have a
> full design.

Elated is probably not the right word.  More "annoyed at being told
their work is ugly without an accompanying concrete and actionable bug
report". :)

If you are curious, at a quieter time it might be useful to ask for
pointers to the discussions that led to the current design, and folks
on the list might be glad to help.

Hope that helps,
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