Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> Should someone add these links to the source code (maybe as a comment
> in submodule.c, or above the definition of S_IFGITLINK in cache.h)?

They were given in response to a request for reading material to
learn background. Most of the straw-man outlines raised in these old
discussoin threads are very different from what we ended up doing,
and their value is mostly to learn what kind of use cases should one
consider if one were designing subproject support from scratch, what
possible approaches were considered and what were found already
lacking in them before we even had a working prototype (in other
words, to learn where one should _not_ go).

Link themselves are not very useful and definitely not appropriate
as a comment next to S_IFGITLINK, as S_IFGITLINK is not the only
thing that implements the subproject support, and not all the ideals
dreamed in these threads are realized with the implementation (yet).

> A brief summary or outcome from these links in the comment would
> be nice.

A summary of what to consider in Documentation/technical/ somewhere
may be a very welcome addition.  Thanks for volunteering ;-).
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