Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>>>         $ git clone git://
> [...]
>>>         Don't forget to "git clone -b todo git:// 
>>> git/Meta"
>>>         for maintenance scripts.
>>>         $
>> Nope, it's not mandatory for everyone to use dotfiles.git in exactly
>> the same way either.  In other words: I'm not sitting in an office and
>> working with my colleagues on exactly the same things, in exactly the
>> same way; wasn't that the Subversion age?  Some might decide to
>> initialize a few submodules, change the URLs of some, and remove some.
> Can't a script pointed to in README handle all these things?

If it came to that, it's quite possible to write one giant Perl script
to do whatever I want (see: git-slave).

What will I be merging and rebasing?  One configuration file stuffed
with miscellaneous repositories.  Don't you think this is highly
unpleasant?  Why would I want to write slightly different scripts for
each of my repositories?  I'd want to write down several different
adjustable knobs to use something that's well-integrated into core
git, like we do in .git/config (except we can't share a .gitconfig

> I don't think this hostile way of explaining things is warranted. :/

Sorry about that.  No hostility intended.
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