Jens Lehmann wrote:
> But I think we recently learned to support that use case with
> submodules. I think there are two floating models:
> - Tracked:
> [...]
> - Untracked:
>   Some people just want "the newest" tip of a branch checked out in
>   the submodule and update that from time to time (I suspect this
>   is because they are used to SVN externals, which I believe work
>   that way). You throw away reproducibility, which I think is not
>   good and not the way I expect Git to work.
> [...]

Nope, it has nothing to do with SVN externals; I've never used them.
And no, all repositories aren't created equal.  I should be able to
add in magit.git into my dotfiles repository without worrying about
which commits the other repositories were at a particular commit.  If
my project depends on the bleeding edge of poppler and girarra, I
should always be able to tell what commits in each subproject the
build was passing in.  In other words, I should be able to freely
mixed floating and fixed submodules.  There's no reason for one to be
Right, and the other to be a shunned second-class citizen.
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