Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> Thomas Rast <> writes:
>>> +<commit>, <object>::
>>> +   The object that the new tag will refer to, usually a commit.
>>> +   Defaults to HEAD.
>> Shouldn't this be more like this:
>>     <commit>::
>>     <object>::
>>      Your explanation here...
> Hmm, you're right, but we seem to be fairly inconsistent in that
> department.  There are some instances with the comma style:

That is because we did not know better in the olden days, until
somebody noticed and started using the separate-line form.  We might
have a patch or two to only convert from the comma-style but I do
not recall us doing a whole-tree style clean-ups.

> Should we fix that?

I personally do not think the churn is warranted.  "Fix the existing
ones you notice as you touch the vicinity, and avoid introducing new
ones" is good enough.
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