Le 03.04.2013 16:27, Thomas Rast a écrit :
The <commit>|<object> argument is actually not explained anywhere
(except implicitly in the description of an unannotated tag). Write a
little explanation, in particular to cover the default.

+<commit>, <object>::
+       The object that the new tag will refer to, usually a commit.
+       Defaults to HEAD.

This puzzled me a lot, so I try various configuration:
- I was able to create an annotated tag on an annotated tag (this can be recursively)

  git tag -a -m "tagged a tag" test_tag_tag v1.8.2
  git show test_tag_tag

- I was able to tag a file

git tag -a -m "tagged a file" test_tag_file `git ls-tree HEAD | awk '{ print $3; exit; }'`
  git show test_tag_file
  git show -p test_tag_file

Is there any other kind of object that can be tagged ... and what is the purpose of this ?


Yann Droneaud

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