Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> I saw that you update the commit message without consulting here first to:
> ---
> remote-hg: redirect unnecessary mercurial output
> Mercurial emits messages like "searching for changes", "no changes
> found", etc. meant for the use of its own UI layer, which is of no
> use for our remote helper.  Squelch them.
> ---
> This is not correct. This patch does _not_ squelch the output, it's 
> redirecting
> it to standard error, so the user actually sees it now, and we do that not
> because the output is "unnecessary", but because it *breaks* the pipe between
> the transport helper and remote helper. I'll reroll with the updated commit 
> message.

I actually "consulted" by asking you what you meant by "buggy".  I
just misread/misunderstood your response in prose.

An update in the patch form obviously would not risk such a
misunderstanding ;-)

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