Chris Wilson <> writes:

> If your git repo's .gitmodules contains a URL that you don't have
> access to (for example you download someone else's code and it
> references a submodule using their writable URL) then:
> * git submodule init will add them to .git/config, with the wrong URLs.
> * git submodule update will fail to check out the repos, leaving an
> empty directory for the first one, and nothing for the others.
> This state is broken (wrong URLs in .git/config), and AFAIK there's
> nothing you can do to check out these submodules without either:
> (a) manually hacking them out of .git/config, or

I do not think updating the config is "hacking", but is a perfectly
normal thing to do for a submodule user who wants to use a custom
URL different from what is recorded in .gitmodules (even when the
URL in .gitmodules is _working_, you may have a closer mirror you
would prefer to use, for example).  It is how the configuration is
designed to be used, if I am not mistaken.

So I do not see any breakage here.
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