On Thu, 4 Apr 2013, Junio C Hamano wrote:

I do not want to write an awk/sed script to remove all the submodules from .git/config ...

Don't do it then ;-)

I think "git config" was added exactly because people wanted to
customize their configuration from their scripts.

OK, I didn't know about git config. I will investigate that. But if the only automated way to fix the configuration in .git/config is by removing all submodules and running submodule init again, I still think that's a usability issue at least. If you won't accept it as a bug, would you consider it a feature request?

I do, it seems bizarre that git submodule init can create this situation but cannot rectify it.

I do not see there is anything to rectify in your situation.

Whoever wrote .gitmodules may have supplied a URL you cannot access,

They originally supplied a wrong URL (one that I can't access).

They fixed it by checking in a rectified .gitmodules file.

In the mean time, I ran git submodule init, and now I've ended up in a situation where git submodule update doesn't work, and there's no submodule command to fix it, so I have to remove the broken submodules from .git/config.

and the configuration mechanism is the way to use custom URL in
place of it.

I don't want to use a custom URL, I want to use the URL which is now in .gitmodules.

Could submodule init at least change the URLs of submodules which are not checked out? (e.g. because they couldn't be)?

Cheers, Chris.
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