Petr Baudis <> writes:

>> >            } elsif ($pid == 0) {
>> > -                  if (defined $opts{STDERR}) {
>> > -                          close STDERR;
>> > -                  }
>> >                    if ($opts{STDERR}) {
>> >                            open (STDERR, '>&', $opts{STDERR})
>> >                                    or die "dup failed: $!";
>> Indeed.  Thanks for pointing that out.
>   I'm sorry, I don't follow. Doesn't this just break the STDERR option
> altogether as we will try to dup2() over an already open file
> descriptor? We do need to close STDERR if we are going to reopen it,
> I think.

When $opts{STDERR} is 2, what the three lines the proposed patch
removes did is actively wrong, because you dup2 the fd you just

When $opts{STDERR} is 1, it seems to do the right thing with or
without the "close STDERR" in front.  Isn't this because the usual
"open($fd, <<<anything>>>) closes $fd as necessary" applies to this
case as well?

So, I am not sure what you are viewing as a problem.  Puzzled...

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