On Sat, Apr 06, 2013 at 10:07:40AM +0200, Thomas Rast wrote:
> The manpage for dup2 does, however, say
>    If newfd was open, any errors  that  would  have  been  reported  at
>    close(2) time are lost.  A careful programmer will not use dup2() or
>    dup3() without closing newfd first.
> which is probably what you were referring to.

Yes, that's probably one reason why I had this stuck in my mind (though,
how often does anyone bother to detect errors on close()...? ;-).

Funnily enough, POSIX.2008 specifies that if closing newfd would fail,
dup2() reports EIO and newfd is not closed, eliminating this problem.

The manpage does not cover this; well, that's fair enough as Linux just
doesn't care and never does that if I didn't miss anything in the code.

                        Petr "Pasky who might even send
                                a patch, but the matter is
                                oh so obscure" Baudis
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