I'm trying to convert/rebase about 40 local patches from an old
mercurial fork of OpenGrok (upstream used to use hg), to the new git
repository (upstream has recently switched to github).

What I decided to do is convert my old mercurial repo to git (by
pushing with py-hg-git to a git repository, and then checking out with
git), and use `git format-patch` from an old .hg-git.git repository,
and then use `git am` on the new (upstream git) repository of the
`format-patch` mails from an old one.

However, what I've faced with, is that when a conflict happens, and I
resolve, and do `git add`, and `git am --resolved`, then the rest of
the `format-patch` email where the conflict has occurred is discarded,
and the subsequent patch/email now doesn't want to apply either, since
all of the previous patch/email is missing, other than the manually
added changes.

What gives?  Does `git am --resolve` discard the rest of the mail, if
any patching errors occur?  Is one supposed to apply the whole
`format-patch` email manually when `git am` does encounter some
problem with only some minor parts of that email?

% git --version; uname -rms
git version 1.7.6
OpenBSD 5.2 amd64

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