"Constantine A. Murenin" <muren...@gmail.com> writes:

> However, what I've faced with, is that when a conflict happens, and I
> resolve, and do `git add`, and `git am --resolved`, then the rest of
> the `format-patch` email where the conflict has occurred is discarded,

That is unusual.  Are you using any other options when running "git
am"?  You said `git add`, but what did you add?

By default, its patch application is all-or-none, so when it stops,
saying "I cannot apply this patch---please help me with it", it
expects that all the changes the email wanted to give you has been
applied by you to your working tree, perhaps using GNU patch or "git
apply --reject", followed by manual editing, and to your index using
"git add", when you run "git am --resolved".  Not just the file (or
hunk) it detected issues with.
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