John Keeping <> writes:

> Yes (ish), the intended usage is something like this:
>     prefix=$(git rev-parse --show-prefix)
>     cd_to_toplevel
>     ... parse options here ...
>     # Convert remaining arguments (filenames) into top-level paths:
>     eval "set $(git rev-parse --prefix "$prefix" --sq -- "$@")"
> The "ish" is that my current implementation introduced a new variable
> instead of simply resetting the existing "prefix" variable, which I
> assume is what you mean.

This is very sensible.

> That is probably simpler than my
> implementation, but loses the ability to be at an intermediate level,
> for example:
>     cd Documentation/
>     eval "set $(git rev-parse --prefix technical/ --sq -- api-strbuf.txt)"

I am not sure in what situation it makes sense to do this.  Where
does "technical/" come from?  For a script that wants to work from a
subdirectory, end-user input would come in the form relative to the
current directory, i.e. "Documentation/" from the top-level, so...
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