John Keeping <> writes:

> This adds a prefix string to any filename arguments encountered after it
> has been specified.
> Signed-off-by: John Keeping <>
> ---

Stale subject?

> +--prefix <arg>::
> +     Behave as if 'git rev-parse' was invoked from the `<arg>`
> +     subdirectory of the working tree.  Any relative filenames are
> +     resolved as if they are prefixed by `<arg>` and will be printed
> +     in that form.
> ++
> +This can be used to convert arguments to a command run in a subdirectory
> +so that they can still be used after moving to the top-level of the
> +repository.  For example:
> ++
> +----
> +prefix=$(git rev-parse --show-prefix)
> +cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"
> +eval "set -- $(git rev-parse --sq --prefix "$prefix" "$@")"

I think you should tighten rev-parse parameter to reject options and
revisions, especially as an example to teach how to use it.  When
the user said

        git mylog -U20 -- README

inside Documentation/ directory,  "git-mylog" script would want to
see README prefixed with Documentation/ but want to see -U20 or untouched.  Historically, rev-parse was a way to sift
options and args meant for rev-list from those mant for diff-tree
so that a variant of

        git rev-list $(git rev-parse --revs) "$@" |
        git diff-tree --stdin $(git rev-parse --no-revs)

can be used to implement such "git mylog" script.

I think "--no-revs --no-flags" is how you ask it to give you only
the paths, but I am writing from memory so please double check.

Having said all that.

Existing scripts (e.g. "git am") do this kind of things without such
an option added to rev-parse.  They first do:

    prefix=$(git rev-parse --show-prefix)

and refer to "$prefix/$1", "$prefix/$2", etc., I think.

Is this option really necessary to update "git submodule"?  Don't we
have a much better idea which parameter holds user-supplied path in the
script than having rev-parse make a guess on the entire "$@"?
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