Christian Couder wrote:
> What if instead of a git submodule I want to have an hg, or, God/Linus/deity
> forbid, an SVN submodule, inside my git worktree?
> What if I just want a very big movie or .tgz downloaded from somewhere else?

Since the link object is rooted to the tree, it's impossible to have
anything but a working copy in the link directory.  How can I have a
non-git-worktree link directory without breaking checkout?  I think
that making it too generic will make the entire submodule experience
suffer, because the implementation must be coded according to the
lowest-common-denominator.  This is the mistake that the tool mr
makes: since it's so generic, it can't provide very powerful
functionality specifically for git repositories.

I'll try to think of something else.
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