John Keeping wrote:
> I can't see how this gets me a dirty working tree.  Since the link needs
> to be stored somewhere, I assume it's in the index; so I can have staged
> changes, but not unstaged changes.

If you have changes in the index, your worktree is classified as
"dirty".  See  Yes, you
can't have unstaged changes, only untracked changes.  Linus: I made a
mistake here.

> But what happens if I make any changes on top?  With --rebase and
> --merge I can specify exactly what I want to happen (and obviously if I
> don't have any changes then whichever I choose simply sets my branch to
> the upstream ref).

Hm, that is a useful thing to support: we'll have to record both the
SHA-1 and the ref.

> So it would be something like per-submodule --untracked-files and
> --ignore-submodules settings?  I can see that being useful.

Yes.  Never mind; Jens just pointed out that I'm wrong about this.
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