On Mon, Apr 08, 2013 at 04:01:51PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> This comes on top of the two "decorate" patches that introduced the
> clear_decoration() function.
> [...]
> Junio C Hamano (3):
>   commit: shrink "indegree" field
>   commit: rename parse_commit_date()
>   commit: add get_commit_encoding()

Neat. Reading through, I didn't notice anything obviously wrong with any
of the patches (though there is one gcc warning, which I'll respond to

It does make me a little nervous to have code that almost never gets
exercised (i.e., when indegree is really high, or a large number of
encodings). It seems like a bug waiting to happen when somebody does hit
that condition. But the decoration lookups do look fairly simple and
easy to get right.

> I am not sure if pre-parsing and sharing the encoding values in-core
> would affect performance very much, but now we have 2 bytes (or 6
> bytes, if you are on 64-bit archs) free to use in "struct commit"
> for later use (e.g. extra object flags that are relevant only for
> commit objects, without having to widen "struct object").

I wasn't able to measure any speedup, but I'm not surprised; something
like "git log" already spends way more effort extracting and
pretty-printing the commit objects.

I was actually thinking of something related to this recently. It would
be nice to be able to allocate a slab of very efficient fixed-size
per-commit or per-object storage. That would eliminate the need to pay
the cost for "indegree" all the time; the topo-sort could allocate a
slab of indegree integers, then throw it away when the sort was done.
Similarly, a traversal would not have to worry about pollution of the
object flags, nor about using an arbitrarily large number of flags[1],
if it could allocate a separate flag structure.

Using a separate hash would be too slow. I'm thinking more like giving
each commit an integer "id" as it is parsed, and then using that id to
index into a temporary slab (you'd grow the slab as you see more commits
but that's OK, since we're always indexing it, not using a pointer). The
slab management would get amortized, so the main cost would be the extra
indirect memory access (i.e., hitting "flags[commit->id]" instead of
"commit->id"), and the extra memory used by the id field.

I dunno. Maybe those costs would make it too slow. I haven't actually
coded or measured anything yet.


[1] The thing that made me think about this was making a version of
    paint_down_to_common that could keep a separate color for each
    source, rather than only PARENT1 and PARENT2. That would let us do
    the "--contains" traversal in a breadth-first way, but calculate the
    answer simultaneously for all sources (i.e., avoid the depth-first
    "go to roots" problem that the current "tag --contains" has if you
    do not use timestamp cutoffs).
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