Jeff King <> writes:

> Neat. Reading through, I didn't notice anything obviously wrong with any
> of the patches (though there is one gcc warning, which I'll respond to
> separately).
> It does make me a little nervous to have code that almost never gets
> exercised (i.e., when indegree is really high, or a large number of
> encodings). It seems like a bug waiting to happen when somebody does hit
> that condition.

One round of work-in-progress code I had when you asked what I was
up to did have that off-by-one bug ;-)  set_indegree() had to spill
into the hash when storing 255 (i.e. exactly the value of LIMIT) but
I was spilling strting from 256, so an entry with 255 children looked
into the hash, finding nothing and said "I am done" X-<.

I haven't bothered to try the "more than 256 encodings", but with
the likely off-by-one in mind, I think I was being careful enough.
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