Junio C Hamano wrote:
> One can have symlinks to anywhere all one wants.  We track symlinks.
> [...]

Yes, I know.  We store symlinks as blobs containing one line, the path
to the file, without a trailing newline.  And we have a mode for it to
distinguish it from regular files.

What I meant is:

    echo "baz" >newfile
    cd foo/bar/quux
    ln -s ../../../newfile
    cd ../../..                    # Back to toplevel
    git add foo/bar/quux/newfile

This is allowed.  While:

    cd foo/bar/quux
    echo "baz" >newfile
    cd ../../..                    # Back to toplevel
    ln -s foo/bar/quux
    git add quux/newfile

is disallowed.  Then again, if we were to replace the last line with:

    cd quux
    git add newfile

and it works.

Notice that both symlinks are pointing to paths inside out repository,
and the only difference is that the second example attempts to add a
path with a symlink as the non-final component.  The path is not
pointing "outside" our repository, as the function name would

Anyway, it's just a minor detail that would be nice to fix in the
future.  Nothing urgent.
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