Junio C Hamano wrote:
> And I also misread "we currently don't handle" above as "but we
> really should allow adding d/f when d is at the top of the working
> tree of another project", but that was not what you meant to say.
> Instead, "We do not notice such a bad case in today's code yet" was
> what you meant.  But if we are to use "there are cases" in [1/n] and
> start [2/n] with "Now we have renamed, let's do this", then we do
> not have to bother saying anything in [1/n] about the upcoming
> change in [2/n], especially the patches come back-to-back in a
> single series.

Exactly.  Yeah, I don't think you patch makes sense as a standalone
anyway: I'll use appropriate wording when I roll the series, so it
follows nicely.
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