Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

> P.S. From some StackOverflow questions the connection between "(no
> branch)" and detached HEAD is not clear for git newbies...

If _that_ is the problem you are really trying to address, the
output from recent Git already says "(detached from xxxxxx)" or
something, so I suspect there is nothing to fix in the glossary.  We
are exposing the word "detached" more to the UI, so that people who
do not know what it means can come to the glossary.

>>> Should we also add that "git branch" output shows this situation
>>> as "(no branch)"?

I guess "(no branch)" is no longer necessarily what we output from
there, so the updated description for "git branch" needs to be a bit
different from "the command says (no branch) when detached", but I
think it still is a good idea to mention what the user is expected
to see.

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