Junio C Hamano wrote:
> On the other hand, a good thing is that the remote.pushdefault makes
> perfect sense whether you use the upstream mode or the matching
> mode.  I vaguely recall that I kept telling you that the overall
> default should be there and per-branch stuff can come later if/as
> needed, to which you resisted for a couple of rounds of reviews and
> I couldn't quite figure out where the resistance was coming from.
> Come to think of it, perhaps that might be rooted in the same
> reason of not thinking about users of "matching" mode.  I dunno, and
> I do not think it matters.

remote.pushdefault is simple; it doesn't open up interesting
possibilities like branch.<name>.pushremote does (I mentioned
branch-specific r/w access somewhere else in the thread).  Because of
my obsession with "current", I never think of the repository as a
whole but each branch separately tracking a remote.
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